Paper Flowers Activity

For Diwali, I made these paper flowers to decorate my house. Even though this isn’t my idea, I thought of posting it on my website, so I will not take the entire credit for this activity. To make these simple and quick paper flowers, all you need is: tissue paper(any colour), a scissor, and a staples.  There are only nine steps on how to make them so it won’t take you that long. You can use these flowers to make a wall hanger like it is shown in the picture above or you can hang them in your doorway at your front door or decorate your temple or house with them. You can even put two different colours in one flower to make it mix and match. I hope you liked this activity. Please comment below if you have any ideas for quick and easy activities that you would like to be shared.

I realized that you can’t see the last two steps of the picture, so to see the full picture, here is the link:  or search on Google “Diwali decoration idea” and look for the picture in the image section.


One thought on “Paper Flowers Activity

  1. Very well written and explained. Felt like read the entire story and at the same time feeling to read it again. Aadil want to read this book as well. Great job Palak and thanks for sharing, we surely learnt the importance of change, so thank you!
    Keep up the good work..


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