To Gain Peace

 To gain peace, we need to achieve a lot and I believe that our entire world is doing just that. But, only in our own different ways. Let’s talk more.

  Okay. Let’s look at our world. What do we see? Do you notice anything in the news? All the headlines, don’t they all seem the same? Conveying the same message? Let me tell you that the answer to the last question is yes, they all are conveying the same message and the message is “We want something, but most of all peace.” All around the world, people both good and bad, are fighting for their own peace and freedom. Some are fighting for peace in a peaceful way. But, majority of them are fighting with violence, war, terror, and threat. If you want peace, you need to get in a peaceful way. By fighting in such a violent way, no one in this world will ever gain peace or freedom. You’ll get control and power, but only by threatening lives of so many people and gaining control in such a horrible way. We can prevent this, however. We can stop all of this and gain peace in the correct way.

  When you do something, you do it for a purpose. We humans are always trying to achieve something and each achievement comes with a purpose behind it. All the people in the world who are fighting for peace, I’m sure their intentions are to make the world a better place. We all want to. But if we stop and think for a while, are we actually gaining peace? Or are we just creating more chaos in the world? To gain peace, we need to work hard. There’s no shortcut to it. We need to face hardships and struggles. But, in the end we will get what we need. We always will. All those people trying to get peace for their people and country in such a violent manner, they’re just making it worse. If you want peace, you need to be peaceful first. Then, you can make everything else more peaceful.

 Take a moment and sit down. Don’t do anything or think anything. Just clear your mind and take a deep breath. What am I doing? Is it a right thing to do? Because it’s best for you to understand yourself and your actions before you understand the world. This is the only way to gain the peace we all want. If we all want to live in harmony, we first need to be full of it. Only, then can we achieve our goals. I wanted to bring this up in my blog because I just felt like there was a need to bring up this topic as if it wasn’t discussed, something wouldn’t be right. Let’s all act carefully and most of all peacefully. And one day, maybe one day, we can all live in peace and harmony and be able to achieve anything without violence. Thank you.


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