A Short and Nice Getaway

After a very, very long time, here is another blog. Before I begin this, I’m going to let you know that there won’t be another blog on my India trip because there isn’t anything else that is left for me to talk about.

Anyways, I am going to share my experience with you about my recent trip to Victoria. This short vacation was a little getaway from the busy and congested life my parent’s and I have and to relax and to enjoy our lives without having to worry about anything that had anything to do with our normal lives.

So, we set off on the late morning of Good Friday to catch the ferry which we missed, but didn’t really care because, one, my family and I aren’t time punctual at all, and two, we were just taking everything nice and slow. And so we had to wait for about one to two hours before we got onto the ferry. While waiting, we had some Italian gelato because the day had happily turned out to be sunny and warm, just like we had hoped for. My parents and I spent some time on the deck on the ferry and then the rest of the time charging my dad’s phone. We got off the ferry and ate lunch in the car while heading to our first attraction, Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse. This place was a somewhat okay place because, no offense, I felt like the batteries inside the fort were haunted like the souls of the soldiers were roaming around (imagination of a grown up child). Other than that unusual thought of mine, the fort was nice. I loved how they had preserved the place so nicely there and also how everything was like during the war. The lighthouse was better than the fort. It was very windy so I suggest to bring a hood or a warm hat during any type of weather because your ears and eyes will hurt a lot from the wind after coming back from the lighthouse. The view of the open sea from in front of the lighthouse was beautiful and calm. Inside it, there were some preserved artifacts that were owned by all the families who had lived their and some information boards that had stories about the previous owners of the lighthouses. Overall, this attraction was nice and also the fact that the park ranger there gave me a dog chain when I asked her if there were any souvenirs we could get (I don’t have any pets).

We didn’t go anywhere after that except of checking in to our hotel and strolling around the waterfront. I saw the Legislature for the first time as a grown up child and I was amazed by the architecture. About our hotel, we stayed in a one bedroom suite that had a view of the St. Ann’s Academy, a national historic site of Canada. I thought it was a university and thought it would be so cool to go to such a historical one, but later found it was just an attraction and a place where weddings were held nowadays. Before, in the 1800s, it was an all girls Catholic school and convent.

On the second day, we went to Craigdarroch Castle. This building wasn’t exactly a castle, but a large mansion built by one of the richest businessmen of Canada, Robert Dunsmuir, who unfortunately died before it finished being built. The architecture style is châteauesque and it looks so beautiful and complex. There are four floors in the house and 39 rooms for each of the members of the family. This attraction was very nice and I liked it a lot. I got to know what it was like to live in the 1800s in a house/mansion of that time. That day we also went to the Royal BC Museum, which I actually do not recommend. Museums are supposed to be informative, but this one was too informative. There was so much to look at and read, it was too much and I got tired as soon as we entered the first exhibit. For someone who likes to learn a whole lot about nature and human history, it is a great place for them. I’m not going to describe this place that much since I didn’t like it. The only thing I learned from this museum was that climate is what you expect and weather is what you get. From the museum, we walked around the waterfront for a bit and took pictures in front of the Legislature (we hadn’t done that on the first day). We did some souvenir shopping and went of to the hotel to eat dinner.

The last day was a day when we didn’t see much. We checked out of the hotel at around 11 and went to see the St. Ann’s Academy up close and to take pictures. That place was even better when we were right in front of it. I was sad we couldn’t go in because it was closed. From there, we went to Ogden point which is a very nice place to have a short stroll. It was a beautiful place and you could see the Olympic mountains from there. Then, we went to Hatley Castle which was also closed because of classes that were going on (the mansion is now owned by the Royal Roads university). This mansion was built by the oldest son, James Dunsmuir, of the person who built Craigdarroch Castle. From the outside, it was nice and was larger than Craigdarroch Castle. Since the mansion was closed, we strolled around the Japanese garden that was beside it where I saw a peacock for the first time. Too bad it didn’t open its feathers for me. I was kind of disappointed by that. The garden was nice and I took many photographs of flowers. This attraction could have been better if we had gotten a chance to see the inside of the mansion, but a nice, calm stroll around the garden was a great way to end the trip. From there, we headed to the ferry terminal to catch the ferry back to Vancouver.

I really liked this small trip and I think my parent’s and I needed one after a long period of a hectic and bustling life. Victoria is a place where you can never get enough from; there is so much to see and I really want to go back there. It is a place full of history of Canada and I’m proud that it is the capital of BC.  

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