To my ma…….

To all the mother’s in the world who work hard everyday to make their children lives better and to build up their future, Happy Mother’s Day!

Here is a poem I wrote for my mom on Mother’s Day last year:

Your smile, Your laughter. Your presence, Is all I need

Your food, Your hard work, Your determination, Is how I have survived.

Your courage, Your words. Your strength, Is how I build up.

Everyday I look up, To hear you tell me. That no one is better or stronger, Than me.

Your boldness, Keeps me straight. Your gentleness, Keeps me calm.

These past years, You made me, Helped me walked, Like a little kid building with blocks; a new creation.

Every single part of me, Is made of you. Your silliness to your anger, You gentleness to your toughness.

Your knowledge, Your trust. Your beliefs, Keep me on going.

Your support, During ups and downs. Your understanding, When helping me stand on my own feet.

Your smile, Telling me everything will be fine. While your strong brave words, Telling me to fight for myself.

If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t know. Or understand the world, Or even myself.

The words are endless, Forever to be said. You’re the best, I’m sure you know that.

Your smile, Your laughter. Your presence, Is all I need.

Like humans can’t live without water, I can’t live without you. Mom, it’s your time, So, Happy Mother’s Day!

(Please don’t mind the format; I couldn’t format the poem into a format of a poem since WordPress does not let you do that.) Thank you.


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