Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children

The three books of this series are filled with unusually interesting magic and a story that was never really told or was even imagined. In this series, Ransom Riggs, the author, introduces the readers to a world of peculiarity where children of all ages can do a variety of extraordinary things and where time doesn’t pass.

The story starts in the book, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, when Jacob Portman first discovers his peculiar ability and the other peculiar children on a remote island called Cairnholm, in Wales where he goes after his grandfather’s death, who is also peculiar, and after discovering that his grandfather had wanted him to go there. He enters a time loop, where a certain date is set to be repeated by the ymbryne (also known as the headmistress or the protector of a group of peculiar children), and meets new friends and their ymbryne, Miss Peregrine at the children’s home where they live. Miss Peregrine is captured by the enemies of the peculiars, later on in the book, and the children have to learn how to protect themselves. Jacob helps the children escape their attacking enemies and, therefore,leaves the island with them. The story continues as the children continues to face their enemies, the wights and the hollows, without their ymbryne, throughout the first book and the second book, Hollow City. Wights are humans with complete white eyes who eat on peculiars’ eyes to stay immortal. Hollows are tall monsters with a bunch of tongues and are former humans. They are invisible and only can be seen by people who have special peculiar abilities like Jacob. Jacob also gets better at his peculiar ability as he faces new threats and discovers more of the peculiar world. Secrets unfold about Jacob’s grandfather, who was also peculiar and was killed by the wights, and about himself and due to this, Jacob changes rapidly throughout the series. In the end, the children are able to get Miss Peregrine back, only to find out that she was stuck in her bird form.

In Hollow City, the children travel to another time loop that runs on another date and discover more peculiars, except in the forms of unusually different animals. They discover that their ymbryne is also missing and so, leave the loop with a few of their new friends to London, the capital city of Peculiardom, where they think their ymbrynes are held. They are soon captured by wights who are pretending to be soldiers, but escape them. In the end, the children discover that the bird they had thought the entire time was Miss Peregrine, was actually her evil brother, Caul, who wanted the ymbrynes’ powers to himself. The children are captured and taken away except for Jacob, a girl named Emma who can summon fire, and a talking dog named Addison, who the children had meet earlier in the book. This is the end of the second book.

Jacob’s journey ends in the final book, Library of Souls, where Jacob, Emma, and Addison travel to the head fortress of the enemies and meet new allies. They work with the others to figure out a plan to get into the fortress to rescue their friends and their ymbryne. During an attempt at getting into the fortress, Addison manages to get in, but is captured right away. Jacob and Emma come up with a plan to get into the wight’s fortress. As the book goes on, Jacob and Emma discover that Caul wants to collect the souls of the peculiars to gain power and to become the king of Peculiardom. In the end, Jacob and Emma get into the fortress and manage to follow a plan to rescue their friends. Of course, I’m not going to tell you what happened in the end. I don’t want to ruin it.

Ransom Riggs uses interesting and creepy photographs throughout the three books to show what his happening or to show certain things. Each photograph is real and is a vintage.

Now, why do I recommend this series? This book is for teens and it is totally different from the other sci-fi books such as The Maze Runner Series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and many other books. There are many twists and turns in this book that can make you get completely lost in each page. I think I did get a little bored in the second book, but the ending was definitely worth reading. For those, who like pretty much of every genre: romantic, action, suspense, and many other genres, this is the series for them.

Overall, out of 10, I would give Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children a seven and a half. Thank you.

I’m feeling some Moxie

All my life I have been looking at people trying to be perfect and more than the average person and I feel like all this perfection is getting to me. But, what I really care about is how people are just ruining their lives trying to be accurate and logical and since they are always trying to be that way, I start feeling the urge as well and then I start ruining my life. Yeah, you should be logical and should be good at everything, but your life only runs on common sense. Get over it.

I had this friend at school and she was all about perfection even though she didn’t admit it really. She was always trying to be better than anyone, the way I saw it, and she seemed to be a pretty positive person, but really wasn’t. I think her perfection didn’t get her attitude. So, I always saw her just trying to make her work and assignments, well, beautiful and correct. The definition of moxie is “force of character, determination, or nerve” (Google) and in my friend’s case, she definitely always had the force of nerve to be perfect. Maybe she had determination to be better or it was one of her characteristics. I really don’t know. Like I mentioned before, people are ruining their lives trying to be not themselves and as a friend, I think my friend was ruining her life, but was also ruining mine because I was starting to feel all her moxie and I think I had started to act like her, as well.

I need to admit that I have quite a lot of force of nerve of my own like how my beddings should not have a single wrinkle and how all the stuff in my closet should be in its own place and if anyone moves anything, well then, my urge acts up. But, I completely hate it when I get the overpowering feeling of that urge of accomplishing excellence. This is because I want to enjoy my life. If you spend your entire time just letting yourself feel the urge to be perfect, well then, you really are done in life. You can’t achieve anything then and you realize that the idea of being perfect doesn’t even exist.

My family and I sometimes are like, “Oh. We should be more perfect.” I would like to say we can never be perfect. We can’t even reach someone’s house less than an hour late and 90% of our plans fail or end up getting cancelled. You can say we have bad luck or no time punctuality, but really, it’s us enjoying our lives and definitely not trying to achieve anything.

There are many people in my life who had or have the problem of moxie and there were also people I thought who were perfect, but were just better than me at things. I do feel sorry for all of those people in the world who have moxie and also that friend of mine. Really all they are doing is ruining their lives and not realizing the most basic truth of all times. That no one is perfect or can be perfect which means that what they are trying to achieve is entirely impossible. Life runs on common sense, not on the accomplishment of excellence or perfection. If I could say, I would tell all those people who are trying to achieve perfection, “Stop being so bias. Think from the other side. Maybe you need to be imperfect so that you can be happy and be good at things in life. Having that much favoritism will get you nowhere.”

The point of all of this is that save yourself. Or the moxie feeling will get to you. I’m warning you because I have felt some moxie. And it almost got to me. If you feel like you aren’t able to be perfect, it doesn’t mean that you have horribly bad luck. You’re just enjoying your life.

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