Welcome to Palsha! Here you will find many blog posts on a variety of topics. Palsha does not follow any theme or topic, but is a website that has pieces of literature of all types.

The first blog was published in August 2016 and ever since, there have been many posts. Palsha used to be a very small and young website, but has grown tremendously ever since it came out.

Palsha is run by a single author, who is a great lover of literature. The author has written many pieces of writing and many of them are from assignments and school projects.

Feedback will be very appreciated and comments are welcome on this website, as long as they are useful. The author usually does not reply to the comments, personally, though all the wonderful comments are always approved!

To get automatically notified for new posts, follow the Twitter account of Palsha: @Palshablog.

From the author:

I hope you enjoy Palsha!

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Location: Ogden Point, Victoria, BC, Canada/ Picture Credit: Author


2 thoughts on “About

  1. You did an awesome job Palak! We are so proud of you. As I read through, I felt as though I was watching the movie myself through your writing. I look forward to reading more blog posts from you.
    Keep writing and keep up the good work!


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