Yellowstone: A Phenomenal, Little World

Filled with a strange smell of the pure, natural smoke produced by the abundant hot springs and geysers, scattered everywhere, Yellowstone National Park is filled with nothing artificial or man made, and just wonders of what our beautiful world consists off. My most recent trip was to this very same place, the wonderful Yellowstone National Park, and I must say that it was a very … Continue reading Yellowstone: A Phenomenal, Little World

Honolulu: A Sheltered Bay🌺

From the freezing cold winds of Las Vegas, the pleasant and humid weather of Honolulu was a big relief. As soon as we arrived at the Daniel K. Inouye International airport, all our heavy winter jackets immediately came off. It was such a quick change of temperature that for sometime I still felt cold, even after arriving at the airport, and had a sweater on. … Continue reading Honolulu: A Sheltered Bay🌺