The Hunger Games Series: Movie 3 & 4

I have finished the entire Hunger Games Movie series and I don’t know what to say. It’s so incredible. All the stories and rules that make up the entire Panem seems so real. Direct by Francis Lawrence, these two movie come together to create such a great finale of the battle against President Snow.

In Mockingjay part 1, Katniss becomes the Mockingjay of district 13. She gathers allies from different districts including District 2 and 8. The president of District 13 is President Alma Coin. She gets Katniss to shoot small films to broadcast throughout all the districts which persuade the district to fight against President Snow. Meanwhile, captured by the Capitol, Peeta talks on the tv about Katniss and asks her to stop doing what she is doing and to not create a war. In the end, Peeta and the other tributes are rescued by the army of District 13 and are brought to safety. Katniss goes to meet Peeta, but to find out that he is mentally disturbed. The movie ends with Katniss watching Peeta as he lays in his bed tied to it in a locked room.

The second part of Mockingjay is where the real war starts. Katniss and her allies bring their fight to the Capitol. Katniss secretly decides to assassinate President Snow herself. She lies to her squad telling them that she is on special orders from President Coin to kill President Snow. The group travels through train and sewer tunnels to reach the palace without being seen. On their journey, they face multiple challenges and obstacles. Peeta, who is in a better condition, also joins the group. There were at least eight or nine people in the group in the beginning. Now in the end, there are only six. It’s up to Katniss and her group to either hide or stand up tall and decide the future of Panem. The rebels against the Capitol drop a large bomb and kill almost the entire population of the Capitol. Katniss blackouts and wakes up to find herself in the hospital where her mother is tending her wounds. Haymitch tells her that the war is over after the explosion. Katniss finds out that her younger sister, Primrose, is dead from the explosion and is saddened by her loss. After the war has ended, President Snow is captured and is locked up in greenhouse guarded with highly armed men. President Coin declares herself Interim President of Panem and says that instead of just killing all the people of President Snow, there should be another Hunger Game. Katniss agrees and says that she will get to personally execute Snow. The next day, Katniss has to kill Snow, but she kills President Coin, instead, knowing that President Coin could do bad things like President Snow. The people of the districts become angry and kill President Snow. In the end, Katniss goes back to District 12 where one of the houses in Victors’ Village isn’t destroyed. The story of Katniss ends with her sitting with her baby on a large field with Peeta playing with their older daughter. Katniss tells her younger child that she will tell him or her about everything she went through and did in her past and how she survived it all.

The final movie is like a cliffhanger for me. I want to know more. What happened after that and what happened after Katniss came back home to District 12. I love this series and I might even read the book version of the story. I give the third movie an 8 out of 10 and the fourth movie a 9 out of 10. I again would like to recommend these two movies to those who haven’t watched them. Thank you.

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The Hunger Games Series: Movie 1 & 2

A few years after the first and second movies of the Hunger Games series were released, I have finally watched both of them. I loved them a lot. I have watched the first movie one and a half times. First time went pretty well, but the second time I looked at a part that was really gross and kind of freaked out. Another reason why I got really scared was because the second time I watched the movie, it was night. So here is a really good advice: don’t watch the movies at night, you will get really frightened.

The first movie is where the entire story begins. There are 12 Districts that are under control of the Capitol. There is a very large city called Panem where all the rich people live and the people with power over others. The leader of all the people is President Snow. He is a very quiet and wise person, but behind the scenes, you might not even know what he might be up to. Each year there are the Hunger Games where at the Reaping(the event where the players are chosen), one boy and one girl are selected from each District to fight to their death. They are called Tributes. In the end of the games, only one Tribute is left who is awarded with riches and luxury hospitality. The main character is Katniss Everdeen. She is from District 12 and she is really good with the bow and arrow. When it is time to select the Tributes for the 74th Hunger Games, her younger sister, Primrose Everdeen, is selected. Despite the fact that her sister might die, Katniss volunteers as Tribute for the girls section. From the boys, a young boy named Peeta Mellark is chosen. They both are taken to the Capitol by a lady called Effie who is like their guide through their process to the Hunger Games. They train and get advice from an older man, Haymitch, who is also from District 12 and had won the Hunger Games, but now lives in the Capitol. Before the Games, Katniss and Peeta are both treated with great care even if in the end one of them or both would be dead. Katniss knows that the Hunger Games is a very bad thing, it is like entertainment for all the rich people who live in the Capitol. She and Peeta survive the entire Hunger Games when they hear that two Tributes from the same District could win. Just when the Games are about to end, the rules are changed back to the what they were before. Peeta says to Katniss to kill him, but Katniss says that it would be better if they both die by eating poisonous berries. Just as they are about to eat them, the Gamemakers, the people who control the Hunger Games, stops them. In the end, they both win and are awarded. However, the people of the Capitol aren’t that happy with them. That is the end of the first movie.

Catching Fire is when Peeta and Katniss go on a “Victor Tour” on year later. They go to all 11 Districts including the Capitol. In each District, they both say a small speech and some kind words about the fallen Tributes of the 74th Hunger Games. After one year, it is time for the 75th Hunger Games. But, there is a very big change to this year’s Games. This year is the Quarter Quell where all the winners of the past 25 games are celebrate. However, this year, something is really different. The winners of the past Games have to compete in the Games once again. Katniss and Peeta become really angry from this new decision. Haymitch who was also a winner, is also supposed to be one of the people who will be chosen. In fact, he does get chosen, but Peeta volunteers in his place. And so Katniss and Peeta go through the same process again like they did a year ago. This time they have some allies from different Districts. Like the 74th Hunger Games, the 75th Games also don’t go as they were planned to go. Many Tributes survive these Games including Katniss and Peeta. The Games end after Katniss wraps an electrical wire around her bow and shoots it towards the ceiling of the arena. When the roof is hit with electricity, it breaks and starts to collapse. Katniss is also hit with electricity and falls half unconscious. Haymitch and the new Gamemaker who was secretly on Katniss’ side, rescue her and a few more Tributes. However, Peeta and one other Tribute are nowhere to be seen. Katniss soon learns that they were captured by the Capitol. She is saddened by this event and attacks Haymitch with anger. Knowing that Katniss would not calm down easily, the Gamekeeper injections Katniss and she falls unconscious again. The next time she wakes up, her friend, Gale, is sitting next to her. He tells her that their home, District 12, is no more. The Peacekeepers, who are the guards of the people of the Capitol, have destroyed their home. Gale tells Katniss that he had managed to save her younger sister and her mother, but everything else was gone. In the end, the large group including Katniss travel to District 13, the District long destroyed before the destruction of District 12. They are traveling there to hide from President Snow and the entire Capitol.

These two movies are filled with action and adventure. The movies have a lot of killing and you may see some dead faces. So if you don’t like those kinds of things, then I wouldn’t suggest this movie for you. I would rate the first movie 8.5 out of 10 and the second 8 out of 10. These two movies are recommended to all who haven’t watched them. Thank you.